The Doctorate Housewife

So… Why Doctorate Housewife you ask? Well, I spent many years studying and eventually earned my PhD in International Political Economy. I finished shortly before my husband and I got married. At that point, we were looking at renovating the house and we realised that it made more sense for me to stay home and manage that than to go out and try and find a job. He joked that I’d gotten my doctorate only to become a housewife and the doctorate housewife title kinda stuck. This blog is a way for me to document my experiments and share what my degree in IPE didn’t teach me about baking, DIY, fitness, and life.

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Early Disclaimer

I’m no Martha Stewart! I love baking though and I’m getting better at the DIY. But baking and DIY aren’t all I do as a housewife. I also have a keen interest in nutrition, fitness, and faith – basically learning how to live a good life. Recently i’ve started doing some fitness coaching. I don’t know how that will evolve, but I’m sure the blog will evolve to follow. I hope you enjoy reading.

Things I Write About


At some point I’d like to make this pretty and give you luscious and mouth-watering pictures to click on, but until then I hope you have as much fun with the recipes as I did =)


The big heat losses make a difference. Changing out old, drafty, single-paned windows, insulating a roof, plugging a major hole, all these will show up on your heating bill. In fact, changing our windows and doors last year resulted in a 20% drop in our bill -woot!


As I think about the new year and new projects, I’m also taking time to reflect on my favourite projects of 2012. I learned a lot about electricity, plumbing, planting, even bike repair. 

Healthy Living

Well, here we are again. Another month has passed and it’s time to check in. First a quick look back at the September healthy living challenge..

Our BLog

What my degree in IPE didn’t teach me about baking, DIY, fitness, and life…

How to make a recipe the internet will hate in 14 easy steps

How to make a recipe the internet will hate in 14 easy steps

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How to Make a Single Packet of Yeast Last

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