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Doctorate Housewife reviews the new and the most important startups and the most important mobile phone products on the Internet. News about startups captured on the site include trends, startup events, pitches or demos, web trends, bootstrapped startups, startups contests, nominees and award winners, startup financing and acquisitions, startup incubators and success stories of startups and entrepreneurs.

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  • Your message must be original and not have been previously published on the Internet
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How can I send my Guest Article?

If you have an article that meets the guidelines above, you can send it to our Contact page. Please include the article in the body of the email address itself, or as an attachment. You can attach your preferred image to your article.

Generally, in less than 48 hours we will respond indicating whether we accept the guest article or not. If we reject your article, you are obviously free to use it on your own blog or propose it as a guest article to some other website.

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Free Promotion of your Article: When you write for us, your article will automatically be promoted on several social media websites. This means that you are going to get a lot of exposure and new readers of your blog.

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