ABC orders full seasons of Bless This Mess and American Housewife

ABC orders full seasons of Bless This Mess and American Housewife

I should just add american housewife to my dvr- I like all of the bits I’ve seen.

Bless this mess annoys me with their promos

I don’t make it regular viewing but the few episodes I’ve seen of American Housewife, I’ve liked. It was hilarious.

Bless This Mess can go.

Not entirely sure why ABC randomly ordered fifteen episodes of American Housewife to begin with (seriously, what the fuck) but yes! I’m really enjoying this season.

Plus, it’s been almost a week and I’m still not over Greg lumping Trip and Cooper in together and telling the latter he’ll likely still be around in ten years too so join the picture. Shipping Cooper/Oliver more and more as the episodes go by.

i love american housewife. the last ep was good, it made me a bit emotional when we saw doris break down but i hope to see more of ali wong this season.

I love American Housewife so I’m

happy it’s getting more episodes. I was worried about it’s slot that it wouldn’t do well since it was moved to Friday’s.

I like American Housewife.

These sound like shows Ned Flanders would watch

Speechless should’ve been here too 😭

🙁 Speechless was so good

I miss that show so much

I love Bless This Mess, and am happy it got more episodes.

i love american housewife, anna-kat otto is an icon

The Drew Carey episode was cute (but I was bummed Craig wasn’t in it)

I’m still sad Christa wasn’t in it, tbh.

*shouts in a Pensacola accent*


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